Rowan Class 

Autumn Term – Bear’s Big Adventure  

 Before we started Reception in September we were all given a special CVPS bear. We had to write about our adventures with our bears over the summer holidays and show our new class when we started school. We had to care for our bears, make sure they were fed and clothed and keep them safe. We discovered lots of facts about real bears – where they live, what they eat and what they need to survive. We made lots of food for a teddy bear’s picnic that we shared with our parents.

Spring Term – Out of this World

We read the story Whatever Next by Jill Murphy and made up lots of actions so that we could retell the story. We talked about, and wrote lists of what we would need to take with us if we were to go into space. We have discovered lots of amazing facts about the planets in our Solar System. We are training to be astronauts by learning about keeping our bodies healthy. We discovered that the astronaut Tim Peake ran a marathon whilst in space. Every day we run half a mile and are hoping to have run the equivalent of a marathon (26 miles) by the end of the Spring term!


Medium Term Plan - Autumn 2018

Medium Term Plan - Spring 2019

Medium Term Plan - Summer 2019


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