Year 3 - Willow 

Over the year Willow class will be learning about amazing places and spaces in our world. We will initially look at what fascinating places are ‘On Our Doorstep’ before ‘Grabbing Our Passport’ and exploring Europe. Finally, we will ‘Spin the Globe’ to find out famous landmarks and structures which are well known in the world. 

Autumn Term - On Our Doorstep

Year 3 started their new topic ‘On Our Doorstep’ by taking a deeper look at where we live. We studied a local map of Clayton to identify key landmarks and used this to follow directions on our village trip. We were able to compare old and new photos of Clayton and identify the changes that have happened whilst also seeing the same stone work from hundreds of years ago! 


We also developed our ability to observe through sketches of plants and buildings. This helped us to understand the history behind many of the buildings which surround us.


Year 3 took an exciting trip to Skipton Castle where we learnt more about castle structures and also the family that lived there. Have a look at our sketches of the castle!


Last but not least we they thought about Bradford and discussed what makes this city special. We explored Lister’s Mill and found out the importance of this extraordinary building. Whilst Lister’s Mill is now used as apartments, we discovered the hidden history behind it. We then developed our textiles skills and created our own weaves.


Spring Term - Grab Your Passport

This term Willow Class had to ‘Grab their passport’ so that we could go explore Europe. We have taken a closer look at France, Italy and Greece.

In France we learnt about the history behind Lascaux caves and how this links to the Stone Age. We then created our cave paintings using oil pastels and also made cave painting puppets to experiment with shadows.


We loved learning about the Colosseum in Italy and found out the importance of the Romans during this time period. We created our own gladiator job adverts to persuade people to sign up and fight against furious beasts in the Colosseum.

Finally, we have researched about Greece discovered what the importance of The Parthenon. We have even designed our own Greek clay pots which we will be making soon. 

Throughout the topic we have continued to develop our observing and drawing skills by carefully sketching famous landmarks. We were then able to create our own European landmark fridge magnets. Can you name the famous landmark which we have drawn?




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