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Year 2 - Emmeline Pankhurst

Welcome to Year 2! Your class teacher in Year 2 is Mr Devanney and your teaching assistants are Mrs Topley and Mrs Louram. Here you will find lots of exciting information about the topics we have completed throughout the year!


Autumn term:

Our topic throughout the Autumn term is 'Adventures in the City' and we had a huge focus on the city of Bradford and the village of Clayton. This included learning when Bradford actually became a city and where in Bradford our school is located.

We looked at the history of Clayton by focusing on how the shops around the village have changed over time, both recently and up to 100 years in the past! The children of year 2 have loved this topic as it allowed them to gain an understanding of the place they come to school and the community that surrounds them.

We also completed some artwork focused on Bradford's very own David Hockney! The children studied his work and tried to replicate his art and make their own using his style!

Finally, we wanted to understand how Bradford compared to other places around the world, both in our country and countries around the world. We started this by making comparisons to London, Paris and eventually cities in South Africa such as Cape Town. Here we compared the similarities and differences of these locations.

In science we did a lot of work surrounding living things and their habitats. We started by learning what a habitat is and what kind of animals and plant life we find in each habitat. The children were very enthusiastic about the topic so we explored it further! We found out what a food chain is and the role each animal/plant plays in nature e.g. we found that lions are the top of the food chain in Africa, and are also classified as predators! 

Spring term:

Our Spring topic in class is 'World Wide Adventures' and we took a look through history to discover some significant events and important individuals! We also learned all about the seven continents and we can find them all on a map!

Our journey started in North America where we researched the lives of the The Wright Brothers, Wilbur and Orville. These brothers were responsible for creating the world's first engine-powered aircraft. Their contribution to history has allowed the rest of the world to build and improve aircrafts for over 100 years, from jumbo jets to the Concorde.

We then jumped over to the Kalahari Desert on the continent of Africa. We learned what animals live there and how they survive in its naturally warm habitat. Year 2 loved writing letter based on the story 'Meerkat Mail' telling their families all about their journey's so far. We also made our own printing blocks to create pictures of different African symbols.

Our adventure didn't stop as we moved up to the largest continent, Asia, and studied the country of Pakistan. We learned about the culture of the country, what food they eat, what animals live there, what the landscapes are like and even the country's national sport!

In science this term, the children have learned all about materials and plants. We wanted to find out what material is best to make a plane fly. Year 2 made an experiment where they predicted if paper, card, clingfilm or tinfoil would be best based on their material properties. You might have to try the experiment yourself to find out the answer! Our plants topic taught us what a plant needs to grow and survive. We investigated if a plant needs water and light to grow and survive and what conditions a plant need to grow the tallest.


Year 2 have loved the Spring term and are excited for more to come!

Come back soon to see what we have been up to in Summer!


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