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Year 1 - Rosa Parks

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In Year 1 your class teacher is Miss Jacobs and your Teaching Assistants are Mrs Brown and Mrs Khan. In Rosa Parks we love to make learning exciting and fun. In Year 1 lots of our learning takes place during 'Discovery time'. This gives children the opportunity to become independent learners.

 In the Autumn term we learnt lots about the weather and identified different weather patterns in the UK. We used our DT skills to make a rain gauge and measured the amount of rainfall in Clayton. In history, we researched what shopping was like 80 years ago. We have been comparing lots of different things such as vehicles, food, how we shop and where our food comes from. 



During the Spring term, our topic is 'Blooming Brilliant Britain!'

We have started our topic by looking at the different countries in Great Britain. We have learnt that London is the capital of England and that this is where the Queen lives. We have also been learning about the Great Fire of London! 




Check back in later when we have learnt about Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. We can't wait to explore the other countries and see what interesting facts we can learn! 



Medium Term Plan - Spring 2022