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Year 3 - Zaha Hadid

Medium Term Plans 2021-2022

Medium Term Plan - Autumn 2021

Medium Term Plan - Spring 2022

Medium Term Plan - Summer 2022


Newsletter - Autumn 2021

Newsletter - Spring 2022

Newsletter - Summer 2022


Autumn Term  - On Our Doorstep

In Autumn, the whole school had a theme running throughout of Clayton: where we will be studying historical concepts of Clayton and Bradford. In Year 3, we looked at the industrial revolution and its impact on our local area. We used a variety of sources to better understand the concept including maps, census and photographs. We compared parts of our local area to see how they had changed from the past to now. The children loved this topic as they were able to include what they already know about the area that they live in. We also went on a school trip to explore the industrial museum in Bradford. 


In Science, we have been studying animals including humans. We have been learning about why humans move differently to animals. Also this term we worked scientifically when looking at forces and magnets. We will be took part in lots of investigations to discover new things.

In PE, we focused on invasion sports in Autumn 1 and gymnastics in Autumn 2. The children practised their throwing and catching skills in invasion sports. They practised their positions and shapes in gymnastics both individually and as a team. 

In Art, we learnt about the artist JMW Turner and also had a go at replicating some of his most famous artwork. We used watercolours to create the effects in the background and then pencil to add the small details. We also practised our mark making skills with pencil. To learn more about JMW Turner and what influenced his life, we researched and then wrote a short biography about who he was.

In R.E., we were answering this enquiry question;

Would celebrating Diwali at home and in the community bring a feeling of belonging to a Hindu child?

To answer this we need to know what it was like to celebrate Diwali. We made lanterns, listened to music and watched videos of previous celebrations, we looked at examples of clothing that people would wear. From this the children could form an opinion of what they thought it would be like for a Hindu child celebrating Diwali. 

Spring Term  - The Ancient World (Britain)

In Spring, our topic is called The Ancient World – Britain. We will be learning about periods of history including Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron age. We will learn about what it was like to live there and what tools they used. The children will then be able to have an opinion on which period of time they would live in