Parent Consultation

There are two formal consultation sessions every year. These provide an opportunity for parents and teachers to meet and discuss the progress of the children. If parents have any concerns during the year however, a meeting can be arranged simply by contacting your child's teacher.

We also are pleased to welcome parents to a variety of curriculum events throughout the year.

A written report is sent to parents towards the end of each academic year and an opportunity is provided at the parent teacher consultation to discuss this report.

The Headteacher is available to see parents at any time during the year; however it is advisable to telephone the school first to make an appointment.

The school also holds open evenings through the year, where parents can find out more about the curriculum.

Unfortunately, teachers are unable to meet with parents at the beginning of the school day as they must prepare lessons and greet the class.  Just call in at the office and staff will make an appointment with the teacher as soon as possible. In an emergency please speak to the Head teacher.

Helping your Child at Home

We actively encourage all of our parents to help where possible at home with their child’s learning.  Here are some useful documents and websites which will help you support your child with their learning. 

How to help your child with mathematics – Key Stage One (Year 1 & 2)

How to help your child with mathematics – Lower Key Stage Two (Year 3 & 4)

How to help your child with mathematics – Upper Key Stage Two (Year 5 & 6)

How to help your child with spelling

How to help your child with writing

How to help your child with reading

CVPS Calculations Policy 2018


The  School has a homework  policy  which is made known to parents/carers.  The school believes that homework plays an important role in supporting and consolidating pupils learning and allows parents the opportunity to become involved in their children’s learning.  All children will be given homework to do which is appropriate to their age and ability and will include daily home reading.  Children at KS2 will have homework diaries and it is expected that parents will ensure that homework is completed.

Home School Agreement

The school believes that a successful  partnership with parents is based on mutual trust and understanding.  Our home school agreement was written after wide consultation with parents, staff and governors.  It sets out our commitment to you and your child and invites you to join us by agreeing to play a major part in helping your child to be successful and happy at school. Our home school agreement can be downloaded here.