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Curriculum Enhancement

In addition to our exciting and stimulating curriculum, we also provide other opportunities to enhance the children’s learning where ever possible.  Throughout the year, we organise themed days/weeks and whole school events such as Art Week, May Day, challenge days etc. to further develop the opportunities we give our pupils.

Parents are often invited into school to share and celebrate the achievements of the children through assemblies or exhibitions.  We also organise visitors to come into school to help bring learning to life.  In addition, we invest in specialist educational providers such as Music Services, ICT based companies and specialist sports coaches.  Excellent partnerships with our local schools also help us to further the experiences of our pupils.

First Aid

During the summer term, year 5 have been spending Friday afternoons completing a first aid course with Life Aid. The children have had a busy 6 weeks covering a range of topics

Week 1 - How to deal with a conscious casualty.

Week 2 - Unconscious casualty and recovery position.

Week 3 - Coping with serious bleeding.

Week 4 - How to treat for choking.

Week 5 - Dealing with heart attacks.

Week 6&7 - CPR and the introduction to AEDs (defibrillators).


Fuel for School

Fuel For School provides a weekly delivery of surplus food to our school for us to use to raise money and reduce food waste.  Each term, a different class is in charge with the aim of raising the most money.  The school council are currently involved with a project to create a video to share and celebrate the fantastic work we are doing towards the Sustainable Development Goals that aim to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all. 
Come and visit the Pay as you Feel Market stall after school on a Thursday, outside the Community Room.  


School Choir and Whole School Singing

On Wednesday 13th November, our school choir took part in the Mini Proms at the Bradford Hotel.

Road Safety

Each year, the Road Safety Team from Bradford Council come into school to talk to the children about the importance of road safety. In March 2019, it was year 3's turn to have their talk and practical.


Samba Drumming

On Monday afternoons years 3 and 4 participate in samba drumming lesson with a specialised teacher from Bradford Music and Arts service. What they have learnt is showcased during whole school events such as May Day.


Art Sessions


Skillforce - The Prince William Award

Through the Prince William Award we help our children to build their character, resilience and confidence to empower them to 'be their best'. The key themes enable our children to develop an understanding of their individual character, their character within a team and developing leadership and responsibility.   

Edible Garden

The edible garden was funded set up and built last year and was overseen by Mrs Tomkinson and Mrs Townsend and the Nurture children. Parents kindly donated plants and equipment such as wheelbarrows. We had some fab produce at the end of last season which we sold of made into soups and sold. This week we have support from Grow to School coming in to work alongside Year 5/6 preparing the beds for sowing seeds and plants for this year. Watch this space for our produce.