Emmeline Pankhurst/Year 2

Welcome to Year 2! Your class teacher in Year 2 is Mr Devanney and your teaching assistants is Ms Duane. Here you will find lots of exciting information about the topics we have completed throughout the year!

Autumn Term


Over the Autumn Term, Year 2 have learnt about lots of exciting topics.

At the start of the year we studied the life of Emmeline Pankhurst and her contribution to our country. This allowed the children to explore how different life was for some people at the beginning of the 20th century.


We moved on by looking at the history of Bradford and how our city has evolved over the last 100 years. This began with learning that Bradford officially became a city in 1897 and was a very small area. Over time the area has developed and expanded into the city we know today. Year 2 also explored how the buildings and structures have changed over time and discussed how people might have moved around the city back in 1897. We finished off our History topic by creating our own model village. This gave the children an opportunity to use their imagination and design & technology skills.


In science, Year 2 learned lots about plants and how they survive. We found out plants need water, light and a suitable temperature to survive. We then extended this by studying various plants in different habitats and how some plants have evolved to survive in harsh conditions. Finally, year 2 planted their own seeds and looked after them in the classroom. They were responsible for watering their plants and ensuring they were exposed to sunlight.


Our design and technology project focused on making a moving mechanism called a ‘linkage.’ The children researched how these mechanisms work. They then moved on to designing their own ‘moving monster’ using a linkage. The children used their designs to make a monster. They then evaluated their creations and identified what they could change to make them even better.


In PE, we developed our gymnastic skills and learned lots of new movements. This culminated in the children using all of the skills they had learned to create their own routines. They performed these routines to the rest of the class and gave feedback to their peers. We also began our first team game of the year – rugby. The children in the class had never played this game at school but developed their skills of passing, catching, and even kicking. We will be learning dance and netball in the new year.


Year 2 went on to perform their first Nativity performance at Christmas. This took lots of hard work and determination which resulted in a fantastic performance beside Year 1 and Reception!


Come back soon to see what Year 2 have been up to in Spring!

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