CVPS Geography Rationale docx

Progression of Skills

At Clayton Village Primary School, we believe that teaching geography helps children to gain knowledge and understanding of the world, its environments and places near and far, as well as the processes that create and affect them. We want our children to gain a strong understanding about their local area through geographical fieldwork. Encouraging children to understand the geography of their local area and to spend time outdoors is also proven to improve mental health. Our curriculum is about discovering and make sense of the world around them by comparing the local area to places further afield thus enabling them to ‘know more and remember more’. We teach our geography in block units to enable children to become fluent in their knowledge and fully immerse themselves with the new learning. This also gives the children opportunities to make links with other areas of the curriculum, for example, the local history study that children learn.


During Key Stage 1 pupils investigate their local area and the people who live there. They also begin to learn about the seven continents and five oceans on Earth. They will identify seasonal weather patterns across the UK and identify hot and cold locations. The children will also develop their geographical vocabulary and will begin to refer to key physical and human features. They will carry out geographical enquiry inside and outside the classroom and use geographical skills and resources such as maps and photographs. They will begin to use and create simple maps with a key and begin to understand simple compass directions.


During Key Stage 2 pupils investigate a variety of people, places and environments within in the United Kingdom and abroad. They will discover geographical similarities and differences whilst comparing two locations (one beyond the UK). They will discover how people affect the environment and how they are affected by it. They will carry out geographical enquiry inside and outside the classroom and develop key fieldwork skills. They will ask geographical questions, and use geographical skills and resources such as maps, plans, atlases, aerial photographs and interactive resources. They will use maps to locate countries around the world and create their own maps/plans with detailed keys. They will begin to use and understand key vocabulary in related to position, such as longitude and latitude.