E-Safety Information for Parents

Here are a selection of excellent resources to inform you about e-safety.

We also have an annual E-Safety meeting for Parents to inform you about some of the dangers your children may face when using the internet, and how to teach them the skills to stay safe.

For further information the following information and websites are available:

Parental Controls Booklet

http://www.internetmatters.org/ – this website can be used to  show you how to set up parental controls on different devices around the home such as games consoles, smart TVs, tablets and mobile phones.

www.kidsmart.org.uk – has different sections for children and adults



www.childnet.com/parents-and-carers/hot-topics/parental-controls – information about setting parental controls on home devices etc

Xbox 360 – security settings advice

Xbox One – security settings advice

Common Sense Media – a great site to check the suitability of games and apps

http://www.vodafone.com/content/parents/howto-guides/parental_controls.html – step by step diagram guide to setting up parental controls on home devices and  links you with the different brands privacy pages to update/configure settings.

http://www.kidsmart.org.uk/teachers/ks1/sourcesDuck/index.htm – is an online story aimed at Reception  and KS1 children about the dangers of social networking

http://vodafonedigitalparenting.co.uk/issue-3/ – A great guide for parents covering a wide range of topics to help you