Design Technology

At CVPS our vision is to design and create products that have a purpose to fit real-life situations. We believe that every child at CVPS deserves the opportunity to be practical, solve problems and gain skills for the future.

Design Technology documents

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DT LTP – 23-24


We encourage children to research existing products and investigate how they work. This then inspires children to think independently and use their imagination to try and improve the original product.

Design- Children use a design model to note their ideas and begin to develop an understanding of how their product will look as a result of their ideas. Providing children with the time to look at existing products and planning their own design based on their research. Giving children access to the products in real life so that they can use their senses as well as researching online and in books.

Make– Trial and error is a huge element of Design and Technology and enables children to build resilience and focus on the process as much as the outcome. Children will select a range of equipment and materials in order to create their product.

Evaluate – Children can then reflect on their own work and decide what has worked well and what could be improved. This involves looking at the product as a whole and including the positives and negatives of their product and comparing it to products that have already been produced.

Technical Knowledge – building and using mechanisms and structures. Understanding and applying how electrical, mechanical and computing systems can work in their products.

In EYFS and KS1 Design Technology is taught through and during provision. This involves the class teacher teaching a new skill and then the children accessing these skills in the ‘Creative area’.

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On the 10th March 2022, KS2 will be having a DT Day. Please keep a look out on our website for more information!