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Year 1 Maths Addition and Subtraction

Year 1 Maths Place Value

Year 2 Maths Division

Year 2 Maths Multiplication

Maths Y3 Addition and Subtraction

Maths Y3 Multiplication and Division

Maths Y4 Addition and Subtraction

Maths Y4 Multiplication and Division

Maths Y5 Addition and Subtraction

Maths Y5 Multiplication and Division

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CVPS will be following a new scheme of learning for teaching times tables in our maths lessons. This scheme will allow the children in our school to develop their fluency and ability to recall key timetables facts. For more information regarding this scheme, please speak to Mr Devanney.

There are also other resources you can use at home to help your child develop their timetables fluency.

Year 4 timetables check

Year 4 complete a timetables check at the end of the year. For more information, please see Mrs Devanney.

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