Zaha Hadid/Year 3

Welcome to Year 3 your class teacher is Mr Nazir and your Teaching Assistant is Mrs Brown.

Here you will find lots of exciting information about the topics we will be completing throughout the year!

Summer Term



Autumn Term 

During the Autumn term, Year 3 have been tremendously busy learning new things across the curriculum from forces and magnets in science to how to make our more environmentally friendly in geography. We experienced lots of practical lessons in both subjects such as using magnets to create paper clip trails and also exploring atlases to identify certain areas in our local area. We have also been enjoying our weekly music lessons with our music teacher and developing our ukulele skills.

We also experienced some Commando Jo lessons and had to work in teams to develop our R – resilience, E- empathy, s- self-awareness, P- positivity, E- excellence, C- communication and T- teamwork.

Year 3 Autumn MTP 23-24

Year 3 Newsletter Autumn 23-24

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Spring Term

Year 3 Spring MTP 23-24

Year 3 Spring newsletter