At Clayton Village Primary, our curriculum is designed to provide knowledge rich learning opportunities which deepen and extend children’s understanding in meaningful ways. Our core values sit at the heart of our curriculum: aim high, be respectful and create happy memories. We want our children to feel a sense of belonging and build cultural capital through the design of our curriculum.

We encourage our children to aim high and all of our practitioners are aspirational for our pupils, adapting our provision so that our curriculum is accessible to all.

We strive to find the fun in learning and to enrich our curriculum wherever possible building children’s cultural capital. We appreciate our local surroundings and the rich history that the city of Bradford has to offer. We teach our children that they have a responsibility as global citizens to both respect and support future generations.

Creativity is a strong thread that permeates our curriculum. Teachers plan opportunities in all subjects for pupils to think in different ways, find different solutions, create original designs, make links and connections between subjects and information, and imaginatively use and apply knowledge. We aim for all our children to be curious, to ask questions and to be inspired to find out more about the world around them.

Through our school curriculum we want our children to develop resilience and a positive mindset. To embrace mistakes as a first step in learning and to persevere.

We have a high commitment to both the academic and personal development of all our children. Personal Development is taught through our Commando Joe’s Curriculum as we believe these are the essential characteristics our children need for excellent personal development. We want all children to recognise the unique skills and talents they possess and help guide them to become the best version of themselves.

This curriculum is based upon a RESPECT framework.

Above all, we want our children to create happy memories and be inspired to find out more. We want to ensure our children leave Clayton Village Primary School well-prepared for the next stage of their education and life in modern Britain.