Extra Curricular Clubs

Clayton Village Primary School offers pupils a range of opportunities to participate in extra-curricular activities before and after school. At any time there may be a range of clubs depending on the time of year and other commitments children may have.  Some of the clubs are run by staff members working in school and there is generally a small cost to attend.  Currently we have the following clubs running:

Cooking Club

Mrs Tomkinson runs cooking club on Tuesday’s for children in years 5 and 6. The aim of the club is for the children to enjoy themselves learning the life skill cooking. On Tuesday 5th March the children made pancakes to celebrate Pancake Day!

Film Club

Film Club, on Monday with Mr Singh, is a lovely and very popular club for the children, where they can sit, enjoy a movie and get close with their best friends, after having a focussed, concentrated and academically long day at school. They enjoy recommending films and love having a snack, whilst they relax watching their best films.

Sports Club – Years 3 and 4

Sports Club for years 3 and 4, on a Tuesday with Mr Singh, is a very energy filled club where the kids let off steam after a hard, brain boggling day at school. The children get to play with their friends, learn social skills, learn to play in groups and teams and learn to share. The core focus is on teaching them basic warm up skills and then finishing with games of football, hockey, tennis, bench ball and various other games to help keep the children engaged, fit and healthy.

Tournament Preparation Club – KS2

Tournament preparation club for KS2, on a Monday with Mr Waterman. This is a club aimed at children who have expressed an interest in competitive sport and preparing them for any upcoming competitions. This involves teaching specific rules and skills and applying them into various sports. Sports we have worked on so far this year have included, Tri-Golf, Football, Dodgeball, Athletics, Tennis, Badminton and Tag Rugby. With competition in mind we still maintain our ultimate goal which is children’s enjoyment and therefore use a variety of games to allow children to showcase their ability in a fun and safe environment.

Sports Club – Years 1 and 2

Sports club for years 1 and 2, on a Thursday with Mr Waterman. This a club which helps our children develop the basic skills needed to succeed in physical activity. Children have worked on their speed, balance, agility, throwing, catching, handling, resilience and teamwork all applied into relative sports/activities. Again this is a club where we are primarily aiming for children to have fun and create happy memories in a sporting manner.

Sports Club – Years 5 and 6

Sports club for years 5 and 6, on a Wednesday with Mr Waterman. This is a club focused around applying skills into a variety of sports. Working in teams and showing leadership qualities is something that is pushed in this club given the age of the children. Children start to develop a greater understanding for tactics and then have a chance to use this knowledge in a sporting situation. We have played, Badminton, Tennis, Rugby, Netball, Bench ball, Rounders, Football and Dodgeball so far this year.

Creative Club

Newspaper Club

Clayton Gazette – Autumn term

Clayton Gazette – Spring term