Educational Visits

Educational Visits at Clayton Village Primary School

At CVPS, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality trips that are fully risk assessed with
reference to activities and individual cohorts. We try to ensure that every planned educational trip
and visitor will either directly link to an area of the national curriculum that the children are learning
about and/or provide a memorable experience such as our residential trip in KS2.
When you ask the children, one of the things they remember most about their primary education is
the number of visits they went on. At our school we firmly believe there is no substitute for going
and experiencing the world first hand.
For this reason, children at our school will experience a wide range of visits in their time with us;
ranging from local area historical studies, seaside trips and residential visits.
Why are trips important?

 Out of classroom learning makes a unique contribution to a child’s education, offering
fantastic opportunities and rewards to both children and teachers alike.
 Helps to enrich the curriculum and improve educational attainment.
 Boosts self-esteem and motivation.
 Develops Key Skills.
 Assists in developing and enhancing social skills.
 Promotes health, fitness, fun and enjoyment.
 Help to build stronger links between schools and communities.
 Broaden a child’s horizons and their knowledge of the world around them.


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