Family Challenge

Each week a challenge will be set to all families who wish to participate. The aim of the challenge is to get families working together and creating their own happy memories. Photos are tweeted, pinged or emailed into school and house points will be awarded for each entry.

Why not try one of our challenges from below and tweet us @cvprimary1 don’t forget the hashtag #FamilyChallenge

Family Challenge 1:

Make a den. Indoors or outdoors it doesn’t matter. Drape blankets over tables or peg them to the fence. We can not wait to see your creations. 2hp per tweet. Remember you can FB your pictures too or show your pictures to your class teacher.

Family Challenge 2:

Cook up a storm in the kitchen. Home made pizza or buns. Tweet your photos or bring some in for your teachers to earn your 2 hp!

Family Challenge 3:

Grab some family members and play a board game. Which is your favourite? We love hungry hippos. 2hp for playing a game together.

Family Challenge 4:

Put on some tunes and have an indoor disco. Get your grown ups to play their favourite songs from when they went to school. What will you dance too?

Family Challenge 5:

Put on your coats and go for an autumn walk. Can you spot any signs of autumn? Try to collect leaves, conkers and pine cones. Bring in your interesting finds to show your class or tweet us a picture for 2hp.

Family Challenge 6:

Did you know the worlds biggest drawing festival takes place in October? We would love to see some of your drawings from home. @The_Big_Draw

Family Challenge 7:

Inspired by our very own Mr Waterman, can you have your own #TreasureHunt? Write a list of objects to be collected or write clues which lead to a surprise. Children why don’t you write a list of things for your grown ups to find?

Family challenge – half term:

All about me project. We want to learn more about our pupils. Who do you live with?What’s your family heritage and culture? What are your hobbies and talents? What makes you special? We look forward to seeing your projects.

Family Challenge 8:

One of our year 5 children has requested that this weeks family challenge is a #Lego making challenge. We can not wait to see your creations!

Family Challenge 9:

Take one piece of paper and turn it into something wonderful using #origami. There are loads of ideas to get you started at

Family Challenge 10:

As the weather gets colder don’t forget about our birds and wildlife. Can you feed the birds this weekend or put some food out for a hungry hedgehog? There are loads of ideas at

Family Challenge 11:

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas. What’s your favourite Christmas movie? snuggle up and watch a movie together.

Family Challenge 12:

Lets get crafty! Make some decorations for your tree or a special gift for a loved one. We would love to see your Christmas crafts. There are loads of ideas here to get you started:

Family Challenge 13:

Put on your favourite festive tune and have a family sing along. What will your family sing too? The ladies in our office love singing… We hope Simon Cowell hears them soon and signs them up!

Christmas Family Challenge:

Lots of families have their own family traditions at Christmas. Can you tell us about yours? Tweet us some photos too!!!

Family Challenge 14:

The only thing to warm us up on cold days like this is a hot chocolate. Add cream and marshmallows and snuggle up with your family. Who can make the best hot chocolate?

Family Challenge 15:

Wrap up warm and go for a winter walk. What signs of winter can you find? We can not wait to see where you go!

Family Challenge 16:

This weekend is Chinese New Year. 2020 is the year of the rat. Miss Needham was born in the year of the ox, her lucky numbers are 1 and 9. We would love to hear about what you found out.Maybe you could try some Chinese food to celebrate.

Family Challenge 17:

This weeks challenge is to download the boomerang app. Who can make the funniest boomerang video? We look forward to seeing them 🙂

Family Challenge 18:

February is National Heart Month. Let’s look after our hearts this week by doing some exercise. Go for a jog, a bike ride, do some skipping or play football. Have fun!!!

Half Term Challenge:

Freya here from Year 6 taking over the office #halftermchallenge #5housepoints have your own readathon how many new books can you read over the holidays?Maybe you could visit the library to find a new book or make your own book review. We can not wait to see what you have been reading.

Family Challenge 19:

To help our magical theme for world book day, can you learn a magic trick? Pull a rabbit from a hat or even make your little brother disappear, we would love to see!

House Challenge – World Book Day:

Family Challenge 20:

This weeks family challenge is based around Sport Relief. Build a mini assault course at home. Maybe you might you hop, skip and jump through hoops? We look forward to seeing what you can come up with.