Children's Roles

Children’s Monitoring Teams

Like any organisation, our standards and procedures are monitored internally and externally by a range of consultants. However, we believe that by assessing something through children’s eyes it helps us to deliver and provide opportunities for children that they see and feel are the most effective. Children are invited to join the Children’s monitoring team to assess our procedures and practises and to inform the staff and governors of our successes; they also suggest areas of improvement from a child’s perspective. To help the school to improve, the children in the monitoring team come up with ideas for items that the school could purchase to help children learn more effectively

Digital Leaders

Our Digital Leaders are responsible for monitoring e-safety and supporting children in developing ICT skills. In our ever-changing world, we need to ensure all our children are e-safe. 

House Captains and Vice House Captains

In Upper Key Stage 2, the children can apply to be the house captain or vice house captains for their school house.  In September we start the year with a house meeting and where we vote in the house captains and vice captains for the year.


Each class will have a librarian who is responsible for looking after the school library and helping children borrow and return books.

Play Leaders

Pupils are invited to apply to become a play leader to support and play with younger children during playtimes. Training is provided and children are given guidance on how to play a range of games with younger pupils. Play leaders encourage the playing of new games and support children who may initially feel shy in the playground.


In Year 6, children are able to apply in writing to become a Prefect. Interviews take place and the children have to provide a presentation to their peers on why they would be suitable for the role. When appointed, Prefects ensure children display outstanding behaviour and provide guidance to vulnerable pupils.

Office Juniors

Office Juniors support the Administration team in answering the phone, taking messages, organising the delivery of newsletters and support in the general running of the school office. It is a very grown up position and everybody enjoys doing it.

School Council

Elections for the School Council are held in September. The School Council is made up of two councillors from Year 1 - 6  (a girl and a boy) who have nominated themselves to represent their class. Then each class vote for the girl/boy who they think would make the best representative for their class . Voting is done using ballot papers and posted into a ballot box the votes are counted and winners announced in assembly. The councillors represent their class and are the 'pupil voice'.
They contribute to decisions made in school such as uniform changes, wearing pumps, fundraisers, charity donations and have an input into policies such as behaviour.

School Council Minutes - 04/11/16

SCoF (School Council of Food)

In July 2015 we introduced our first SCoF group. The Council is made up of 2 children from each class, one boy and one girl, Miss Walker and Mr Waterman.

The role of the SCoF is to have regular meetings with all the SCOF members and ask their class how about school dinners can be improved and what they are happy with. They will have to help organise and promote theme lunches once a half term and they will meet with kitchen staff to learn how the school kitchen works.